Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hunger Games Guest Review by Mackinley

Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

Guest Post by Mackinley age 13
The book starts at district 12, a place in North America in the future, where a 16 year old girl Katniss Everdeen lives. The Hunger Games event happens every year. A boy and girl from all 12 districts are picked to play the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games starts in a big forest or desert or snow arena. 24 tributes battle to the death until 1 tribute remains. Winning means fame and fortune, losing means certain death. Every year ages 12 to 18 have to put their name in a big glass bowl for the Hunger Games. You can put your name in more times if you want more food.
Katniss sister Prim only has her name in once, and it gets picked. Katniss immediately volunteers for her sister.
I liked this book because it is an action and adventure book set in the future.

Note from Melanie
I required Mackinley, who is not a big reader, to read The Hunger Games in order to be able to go see the movie. He is also not a writer so I asked him to do a review for me as well. For his first book report I felt he did really well. We will be seeing the movie this weekend and I am hoping to have him contribute his thoughts on the movie versus the book J
We purchased this book and the series and all of my boys have thoroughly enjoyed it!!


  1. I have been trying to decide whether to read the books or watch the movie first. 8 read the Twilight Saga first and it made the movies make so much more sense to me. :-) Great review Makinley, I think I will read them first!

  2. I 've really wanted read these book. My daughter is reading them too in order for me to decide to read them myself.