Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brush Love review

Brush Love's theme is Romancing Your Hair!

Brush Love is a team of professionals who want to provide the very best in hair and cosmetic products. They have great professional brushes and beauty tools to help you take the guess work out of what you are looking for. A skilled group of people bringing you the best on the market! They carry all varieties of hairbrushes. Styles for curling, straightening, blow drying, and finishing.They also carry cosmetic brushes and mirrors.

I was able to try out 2 of Brush Love's great brushes on my own long hair. I loved my Brushlab vented brush, and so did my daughter! I have to search for it in her supplies now as she has claimed it. That says a lot right there for a brush! Nice and smooth, the cushioned paddle allowed for some flexibility without pulling. Very nice brush.

BrushLab Aura Vented Cushion Paddle Hair Brush 


The BrushLab Aura Vented Cushion Paddle Brush is ideal for detangling, smoothing and grooming all hair types & textures.

• Soft rubber air cushion

• 100% nylon bristles. Heat-resistant nylon bristles withstand high temperatures & help message the scalp.

The brushlab thermal brush makes blowing  your hair and styling a one step process. The thermal core helps to radiate heat throughout your hair as you brush and either use it to straighten or curl your hair. A bit bristly as it has short nylon bristles.  I recommend brushing your hair first to get out any tangles with the brush I mentioned above, then utilize this brush for the rest of your blow drying. It tends to get tangled in the tangles in very long hair if you just try to use it directly out of the shower.

BrushLab {Fresh} Thermal Round Jumbo Hair Brush

The most popular round hair brush today is the round thermal hair brush, as it speeds the drying process considerably. This brush is designed for people who are looking to add volume, curl, or straighten.

Features & Benefits :

• 100% Nylon bristles. Heat-resistant nylon bristles withstand high temperatures.

• Thermal ceramic coated barrel. Helps evenly distribute the heat to prevent over drying & damage.

• Maximum control = maximum results. Our signature comfort cozi™ grip is designed to massage and prevent slip ups.

• Faster blow dry

Great products, fantastic customer service, great prices!!

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  1. I love the Thermal Round Jumbo Hair Brush. Thanks for the review.