Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bible Explores Series DVD- Review

Search for the Lost Shipwreck of Paul

Bridgestone Multi Media Group

Approved for all ages, this is the fourth expedition in the Bible Explorer Series with Bob Cornuke.
Bob sets out to the island of Malta in search of the shipwreck of Paul from Acts 27. Using the hints from the Bible as to where Paul was shipwrecked, the team is lead to the southeast portion of Malta, though tradition has Paul shipwrecked on the northern end. Heavily steeped in tradition the people of Malta struggle to believe that the anchors found in the late 60's and 70's by divers could in fact be the anchors from the biblical shipwreck.

Bob seeks to relocate the 4 anchors brought up in that time frame to get them housed in the museum in Malta. Set with other anchors from that time frame, there is no way to be 100% sure that these were indeed the anchors from Paul's boat. The evidence is strong and Bob takes the viewer to the dive spot, evidence in hand to show the archaelogical awesomness of this find!!

Super documentary, only 34 minutes in lenght I would have loved to have been even longer. Kept my deep attention and that of the childen. Fantastic series, the first I have seen, I will be sure to watch the others in the group. This series would be amazing for a youth group or sunday school class to spur on discussion. Short enough to use in just one class time frame.

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I received my copy from Bridgestone in exchange for an honest review.

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