Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Babar's Book of Color - Laurant De Brunhoff

Babar's Book of Color
Laurent De Brunhoff

Babar the Elephant has been around for over a decade, teaching and entertaining children. I saw recently they even have him on DVD's now as well. Babar is a well know icon for children. Laurent has kept the art of his father Jean alive for the generations to come. 
Color books are pretty common among the genre of books you can find for toddlers. I love how they can reinforce to youn gones the learning of colors through association.
Babar's children come into his art studio, a bit bored and he encourages them to take a color and create something they know with it. He then shows them how to blend colors to create even more drawings. What I liked about this book is it didn't stop with those basics but Babar taught them how to make pink, tan, grey and brown. 

A delightful book in the great Babar the Elephant fashion!!
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. Great review. I will be looking for this for the little ones. Thanks for sharing

  2. Babar has been around for a long time. My kids loved him. It was a great way for them to learn.