Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Living Everyday Review

Starting in 2008 Green Living Everyday has sought to bring healthy, eco friendly products to the consumer.
Product Selection Criteria
When choosing the products that we offer, we have sought out items that contain recycled content, are made from materials that can be recycled, are fair trade, will use less energy to produce or run than conventional alternatives and are designed to have lower environmental impact than similar products.

Green Living Everyday helps to take the guess work out of many different ecofriendly products available today, and brings them to one place for ease in purchasing for the consumer. 

They carry products for all areas of your home, yard, and personal care.

We reviewed the Shower Timer. With 6 kids we can go through a lot of water in home, really without even realizing we are doing it. We used to have a well and it wasn’t quite as crucial for us to maintain a lower level of water consumption as we had our well constantly refilling. With being on city water now, we not only pay for the water, there is less of it.

The Shower timer is made from safe plastics it is fog and steam proof. It has a suction cup that adheres to the side of the shower and can keep time for you. Even having a clock like that in the shower helps this busy mom know what time it is and if I need to kick it in gear!
It has a programmable countdown clock that beeps and tweets to get you to turn off the water. A fact on Green Living Everyday’s website is that if you cut your shower time down by 4 minutes, you will save 2800 gallons of water a year. That is one person.. multiply that by 8 and we are saving a lake!

A Year of Jubilee will be giving away a shower timer just like this courtesy of Green Living Everyday during our Honor the Earth celebration in April!  Be sure to check back for the giveaway!
In the meantime please visit Green Living Everyday online at
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Peter Pauper Press Review

Peter Pauper Press Est. in 1928

Peter Pauper Press is a fine gift company of primarily paper style products.
Their products include:

 activity books for kids
 young artist series
addresss books
guest books
organizers & planners
and so much more!

Really a beautiful company with fine products to choose from. I loved the review items they sent me, such a variety. The journals are well made, beautifully decorated, and perfect size. 

I enjoyed the variety of bookmarks they carry. I know so many now are using the e-readers but some of us still love beautiful bookmarks. 

Their dragonfly collection is the latest spring line and it is just gorgeous! Perfect gift giving idea for your Mom this Mother's Day! 

This journal is only $8.99, such a great price on their products!

The activity books for the kids are just super fun! Check out this Scratch and Sketch
12.99 each

So much more for you to look through in this great fine gifts store!! Be sure to visit them online at 

Free shipping on orders over $30.

I received products from Peter Pauper to facilitate a  fair and honest review of their products.

Pocket Bible Doodle Book Review

The Pocket Bible Doodle Book

I love doodle books! I have done a couple reviews of various doodle books and they always are so much fun for the kids to fuel their imaginations. When I saw that Zonderkids had a Bible doodle book, I was so excited. Now the kids can take the Bible stories they know, and finish the already begun drawings. They can create a bug Adam may have seen, or animals on Noah’s Ark. They can do serious drawings or make them funny and unique. They can make boils on the men during the plagues and design what they think the house of God will look like.
Activities that pull my kids away from electronics are always a plus in my house. Ones that do that and encourage God’s word are the best type of activities I can find!
I love the pocket size version of this book as it is wonderful for taking on trips. Whether a trip to the doctor and waiting, a car trip, or just off to the grocery it gives the children something to entertain them.
I highly recommend this doodle book. Would make an excellent Easter basket filler, or Stocking Stuffer if you want to start planning early.
I received a copy of this book from Zonderkids in exchange for an honest review.
You can pick up a copy at Amazon.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Grenadilla Can't Wait Review & Giveaway 4-12

Debbie Lan, founder of Grenadilla grew up in Cape Town South Africa hearing the joyful, upbeat music kwela.
She has recreated that same feel in her music with this multi-voiced group in New York. 

Their musical voices blend together so smoothly with a folk art style that continues to move not only children but the adults who listen to the cd as well. 
When I first got the cd I figured it would be a good listen for the kids. They are growing up a little for some of say Raffi style music but still wanting to infuse their lives with a variety of music. This cd Can't Wait, is joyful, light and a blessing to listen to. I love picking out the unique sounds in the pieces with a penny-whistle and balafon just to name a couple. 
Songs like "Sitting on Top of the World" and my favorite "Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doo" are just 2 of the 15 enjoyable tunes that these ladies bring to our listening ears. 
Transporting the listen to South Africa and the music of the streets!
I was so excited to hear that Can't Wait recently won a Parents Choice Gold Award!! Well deserved as this is truly a unique listening experience for the entire family!!
I received my copy of the CD for free in exchange for an honest 
Grenadilla is offering a CD for one of my readers!! Yeah!

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March into April Blog Hop & Giveaway 4-2

Welcome to the
March Into April Giveaway Hop
hosted by Planet Weidknecht and
All the bloggers participating in this hop are giving away prizes
worth at least $20 on their blogs. After you enter my giveaway,
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A Year of Jubilee 
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I love the mission of NaturOli products in their being upfront and honest with their wholesome products for your home and personal care. 
I sampled their products with the Starter Package so I could sample just a little bit of what NaturOli has to offer. The soap nuts worked wonderfully in my laundry, making it unnecessary to use harsh chemicals in the wash. I loved the stain stick as well to give just a little extra on-spot treatment of the hard to reach stains. Fresh smelling and free of chemicals, can't beat that! Naturoli's laundry products are top notch!
I loved the bar soap that has tea tree oil in it. Oh does it smell fresh and natural and it suds up fantastically! As a goat milk soap kind of gal, this really was a great bar even though it didn't have goats milk in it!
I also tried a shampoo bar for the first time from NaturOli. I had always wondered how effective they would be. You use it just like you would bar soap, but on your hair. It had a fantastic lather and nice cleanness for my hair. Super product and highly recommend. 
The only product from NaturOli that I didn't care for that much was the extreme hair soap. It made my hair squeak! It almost made it too clean, in the way of stripping it of it's natural oils. I struggled with combing my hair out after using it, even after conditioning. I prefered the shampoo bar to this extreme soap. I think for short hair it would be just fine, and it does truly get your hair squeaky clean!

I am so excited that NaturOli is offering my readers this Starter Package as well so that you can sample just a small bit of all they offer. Super company and it was a blessing to try out their products!! Click on READ MORE if you do not see the Rafflecopter and other Blogs to check out!. Enter Away and Good Luck!

I did receive the starter package free from Naturoli in exchange for an honest review 

Visit them online at

Thursday, March 29, 2012

La Bella Stella CD Review





We all loved this cd! The music was lively and educational! I didn't hear anything worshipping mother earth or anything like that. Just good music to celebrate the earth and all the things in it. Super great songs for the whole family! Read more about La Bella Stella and the Recess Music below.

“A hidden gem!  Great messages for kids … takes the important messages we want our kids to learn and embrace, but presents them in a way that's fun and unassuming.”
 – Common Sense Media review of Recess Music’s Celebrate Earth

“Lucy really loves this collection of songs celebrating the animals of Africa. All the songs are very different from each other, a really nice mix.”
–  Laurie Berkner, highlighting Recess Music’s Wild Child in her choices for “Eight Greats of 2011” in USA Today

“In this musical ‘adventure in being human,’ Recess Music offers a compilation of toe-tapping and inspirational songs about real-life dilemmas that children face as they grow and try to find their place in the wider world”
2011 Parents' Choice
® Award review of Recess Music’s Big Bully

ST. PAUL, MN (March 14, 2012)
Recess Music, an award-winning company that strives to awaken kids to the magnificence of our planet through albums of Earth-friendly music, looks forward to the March 27 release of La Bella Stella, the fifth in its “Celebrate Earth” series of CDs (Big Round Records, $12.99, for ages 4 - 11, run time 41 minutes).

Available in time for Earth Day 2012, La Bella Stella goes beyond the Earth to celebrate galaxies, solar systems, and other wonders of our universe with 15 tracks showcasing a variety of contributions by a sampling of today’s most gifted kids’ musicians, including Rocknoceros, Charity and the JAMband, and AudraRox.

The songs on La Bella Stella speak especially to those children ages four and up who have quick, engaging minds and an inveterate curiosity about life. The album is filled with music that will encourage kids to think about the natural setting of their lives, providing a much-needed balance to the “virtual” world with which many of them are occupied.

La Bella Stella opens with Maria Alley’s solid vocal styling on “Nature’s Lullaby.”  This is nature appreciation with a great backbeat! The album next offers up some smooth as silk old-time jazz on “I Love the Dark,” where elegant jazz violin and a little whistling “à la Bing” enhance Tom Knight’s 1920s vocalizing. “Shooting Stars” lets Martha Johnson sing a reverie to the night sky over the mesmerizing ostinato of African thumb piano and percussion. “Galaxy Song” reduces the mysteries of the universe to a double time, upbeat lowest common denominator, with Andy Z creating terrific, high energy without high voltage guitar. AudraRox brings a bit of country rock to her dissertation on the pros and cons of “Gravity.” Set in a “cool jazz” minor key, Kenn Lonnquist’s very hip “Nocturnal” celebrates nighttime fauna with close harmony and a driving beat. Wayne from Maine offers a lunar “sha-na-na” ode to the “Man in the Moon,” while Wendy Whitten brings a late ‘70s “West Coast” gentle rock sound to “Earth’s Satellite.”  The tremendously creative Rocknoceros entertains with “Pluto,” a funny, upbeat ballad in rhyming couplets about Pluto’s discovery and subsequent demotion. More celestial information is imparted in the hauntingly beautiful counterpoint of Lori & J.D. Uponen’s “Aurora Borealis.”  The distinctive qualities of Mary Kaye’s “Shadow” are guaranteed to catch the ear of any kid.  “Neptune Lullaby” by Dr. Planet features a sumptuously symphonic string sound, replete with strong choral singing. Banana Slug String Band’s “Safe at Home” includes strings of a more bucolic flavor, along with some great “country” vocal harmony. Laura Giosh’s “Harmony of the Spheres” likewise blends voices, strings, guitars, and percussion over an optimistic bass line.  The album closes with the delightfully piquant a cappella harmony of Charity and the JAMband’s “So Long to the Day.”

The Recess Music “Celebrate Earth” series seeks to assist the cause of protecting and preserving our environment by donating a portion of the proceeds from each release to a selected environmental organization.   A portion of the proceeds from La Bella Stella will benefit the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, New Hampshire, which is dedicated to educating learners of all ages by actively engaging them in the exploration of astronomy, aviation, Earth and space science.

La Bella Stella is available online at, and its international affiliates, iTunes, and brick and mortar retailers throughout the U.S.

# # #

For ages 4 - 11.
Label: Big Round Records
SRP: $12.99
Run time: 41 minutes.

Fun Bites Review & Giveaway 4-12


Designed by a Mom Bonnie for her own fussy eater. It cuts up kid friendly foods into small, bite size pieces making it fun and easy for kids. Cut up foods like cheese, bologna, pancakes, omelets and more. 
At first glance it reminded me of the potato cutter we have for making cubes potatoes for hash browns. My potato cutter is metal and sharp, not something a kid could use safely.
I love how funbites are made out of a BPA free plastic with curved edges that easily cut kid friendly foods that are soft. 
Made in the USA.

Bright colored, easy to find in the drawer! Now squares and geometric shapes!

You can win your very own fun bites!! Visit the Rafflecopter (may need to click Read More)

Giveaway open to USA only. I was given funbites from the company in exchange for an honest review. 

Hunger Games Guest Review by Mackinley

Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

Guest Post by Mackinley age 13
The book starts at district 12, a place in North America in the future, where a 16 year old girl Katniss Everdeen lives. The Hunger Games event happens every year. A boy and girl from all 12 districts are picked to play the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games starts in a big forest or desert or snow arena. 24 tributes battle to the death until 1 tribute remains. Winning means fame and fortune, losing means certain death. Every year ages 12 to 18 have to put their name in a big glass bowl for the Hunger Games. You can put your name in more times if you want more food.
Katniss sister Prim only has her name in once, and it gets picked. Katniss immediately volunteers for her sister.
I liked this book because it is an action and adventure book set in the future.

Note from Melanie
I required Mackinley, who is not a big reader, to read The Hunger Games in order to be able to go see the movie. He is also not a writer so I asked him to do a review for me as well. For his first book report I felt he did really well. We will be seeing the movie this weekend and I am hoping to have him contribute his thoughts on the movie versus the book J
We purchased this book and the series and all of my boys have thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Giveaway 4-12

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler

Where do you store your recyclables as you wait to either set them out by the curb or take them to a recycling center? I had a big bin of them taking up space in my kitchen, beckoning me to take them. 
We used to be able to take them just 1 mile down the road to have them recycled. With our move to a new town we have to go to the next town over to take them, requiring a bit more storage of them before we head out. I don't want an overflowing can of recyclables sitting in my kitchen. I was super happy to try out the Rubbermaid hidden Recycler that tucks right under my sink in the cupboard. It is washable and convenient to put in my cans, plastic and glass. I think can send a kid outside with it to dump it into a larger container there for us to take at a later time. No more storing vast amounts of recyclables in the house. 

I was bit concerned about putting this all together when it came to me looking like this
No need to worry, the instructions were easy to follow and in minutes I had my hidden recycler installed.

It was very easy to install and tucks nicely under the sink cupboard.
I love how it can easily be cleaned out from the drips and drops of my recyclables that I put in it. 
The only problem if you want to even call it that, was with a large family, the recycler gets filled up very quickly.!
Now that is a good thing in that we are recycling what we can and doing our part rather than stashing it in the landfill. 
Honestly if it were any bigger it wouldn't stash so nicely under the sink and we would be back to huge containers in the kitchen!
Meets the need and is very eye pleasing! 

You can win a Hidden Recycler on A Year of Jubilee Reviews
Just follow the Rafflecopter (click Read More under my name)
Super product!


I received the Rubbermaid Hiddlen Recycler from Rubbermaid Buzz in exchange for an honest review.