Monday, February 20, 2012

Words Spoken True- Ann H. Gabhart

I have always had an interest in journalism ever since participating in my high school newspaper, long ago. When I saw that Ann Gabhart had written a book focused on early newspapers in Louisville during the civil unrest of the 1850's, my interest was piqued. With a recent move to KY  I figured any historical fiction novel taking place in KY was required reading for me as a blogger!

Adriane Darcy, only daughter of the Tribunes owner Wade Darcy,  was raised around newsprint, stories and a love of words. Thought to be unladylike in her day and age, her father worried that Adriane would never capture the heart of a  husband. As the Tribune begins to see financial hardships, Adriane's father works out a plan with soon to be senator Coleman Jimson to arrange a marriage of convenience between his only son Stanley and Adriane. Adriane trys to accept her lot in life, figuring she can continue to write for her father's newspaper after she is married. Something about Stanley doesn't sit right with Adriane as she tries to delay the announcement and wedding.
In the meantime new editor of rival paper the Herald, Blake Garrett has taken a liking to strong willed, opinionated Adriane. He too feels that Stanley is not the right choice for Adriane, but who is he to say anything.. he is her Father's sworn enemy.. taking business away from his newpaper.
Set against the backdrop of political unrest and German and Irish immigration, this action packed novel will definitely hold your interest and keep your page turning fingers moving!
Rich historical descriptions takes you back to the time of the good old fashioned newspaper when the presses hummed to be the first ones out with the headlines for the day. Easy to visualize the 1850's through Ann Gabhart's details and ability to transport us back in time!
Fantastic read, even for those who don't live in Kentucky!!
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. Wonderful review, Melanie! I also read this book, and completely enjoyed it. It's sitting on my favorites shelf right now, waiting for the right time to reread it. :-D Very enjoyable read, for sure!