Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vapour Organic Beauty- Review

Vapour Organic Beauty

The inevitable is happening.. I am getting older, nearing that big 40 mark soon. I have begun to realize that I need to do something differently for my skin and facial regime to keep it healthy. The good ole washcloth with soap to the face during showers just isn’t going to work for my delicate, aging skin.  I have never been a big make up wearer, more of a splash of light color and go with the natural beauty (or so hubby says). I decided to try out Vapour Organic Beauty because it was organic, so naturally healthier for my skin a plus when you I am desiring to prolong the youthful appearance. 

Vapour Organic Beauty sent me 3 products to review. My favorite discovery from them was their Stratus, Instant Skin Perfector!  Being that I don’t care for a lot of makeup, but having the need for something to help smooth out my ever increasing lines, Stratus was a beautiful product! Light and airy, glides on my skin with a hand applicator so I can control how much goes on and where it goes with my hands.  No heavy product on my skin to weight it down, or prevent it from breathing. It felt lighter than many foundations I have tried. Just a light color to the product softens the lines in my face without given me a ‘made up’ look.  On occasion I did try a light powder to go over the Stratus to add just a hint of color and it worked out perfectly. I am going to try Vapour’s Atmosphere Soft Foundation as it complements the Stratus perfectly by design. Made for each other like soulmates.

The second product I sampled was the Lux Organic Lip Conditioner. I am a fussy gal about lip balms being I have made my own in the past, and don’t like the harsh chemicals and smells that tend to make me cough when I get them in my mouth. Lux is super smooth, lightly fruit fragranced and formulated from Jojoba oil for a natural feel on your lips.  Certified 100% organic, there isn’t a better product for your lips.  If you struggle with dry lips in the winter, this product will help make your lips kissable again and feel great!

Thirdly I sampled Clarify Makeup Remover. I don’t typically wear much makeup as I said earlier but I tried this product after using the Stratus and powder combo. This oil goes to work dissolving the makeup and dirt on your face without stripping your skin off from over scrubbing. I loved that it was able to be used for eye make up removal without irritation. Sometimes that eye makeup is the hardest part to remove. Left my skin soft and moisturized, needless for any night time cream. Clairfy is not just a makeup remover but a conditioner as well. I  was saved step in my evening routine. I only needed a very small amount to remove all of my makeup, this will be a long lasting product.
I was very happy with Vapour Organic Beauty. I contacted a beauty expert there to ask a couple questions about the Stratus and she was eager to help. They have beauty experts available for you to choose the right product and are very knowledgeable in their craft.
Don’t let the pricing scare you away. These are not your basic products found at your supercenter. These are top quality, organic, long lasting products that your skin will thank you for. Designed for youthfulness, health and beauty in mind. I used very minimal amount of product for each application and was very satisfied with the results. No need for gobs of product to be used up in a short  amount of time.
Try this Mini Collection first to get you started with Vapour Organic Beauty!

Visit Vapour Organic Beauty online and see their complete line of award winning products


  1. Thanks for the review, Melanie. Sounds like these are good products for sensitive skin.

  2. Always happy to see organic cosmetics. The skin is the largest organ and people don't think about all the nasty chemicals they absorb through it.

    I like what your hubby said about natural beauty and adding a little color!

  3. I just tried their sample kit. What I really liked is that the colors I chose (usually quite hard to do on a website) matched my skin perfectly. I'm not sure though if I'm going to order any of the products. They're quite expensive. Do they really last longer than other brands?

    The samples were so teeny that I've only gotten a couple times of use. Not sure if that's enough to really tell if it works for my skin. Any other thoughts about the products...especially the foundation? Thanks :-)