Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Flavored Coffee!

Coffee Beanery

Opening their doors in 1976 before ‘specialty’ coffee was all the rage, Coffee Beanery has been growing strong since. Based in Flushing Michigan they now have over 100 locations throughout the USA as well as 20 internationally.

Aroma of the coffee is the very first thing that hits your senses when trying out a new coffee. Like the first impression when meeting someone. I first opened Michigan Cherry from Coffee Beanery and I was whisked away to market full of nice, ripe cherries.
It was tempting to eat the beans!

Sincere cherry flavor, not your cherry candy variety.. delectable when blended with fresh roasted coffee beans!
Coffee Beanery has a unique variety of coffee I found. Over 30 unique flavors, not your run of the mill plain vanilla..
which would be your favorite??

They offer gift baskets already for you to send for any occasion. What a great gift for Valentines Day, or Mothers or Fathers day! Forget the tie and flowers, go for the coffee!
Fantastic travel mugs and unique mugs also are sold by Coffee Beanery.
Just wish there was one in KY!! The wonderful thing is though, no matter if there is a Coffee Beanery near you or not, you can always order online at
And visit them on Facebook for up to date information.

Coffee Beanery has been a wonderful company to work with!


  1. shared and tweeted. I don't drink coffee, but I can share your post with my friends who do :)

  2. I love flavored coffee and these sound awesome!

  3. OMG.... the Cherry one looks AMAZINGGGGGG

  4. I don't like most coffee, but with flavors like this i'd be willing to give it a try at least. :)