Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer Wildflower Honey- Review

I am a honey snob. Simple. I have researched honey bees, and the process of raising your own hives. I desire to someday have my own hives, at least 2 and become a bee farmer. I love fresh, natural honey. I have personally seen the improvement in allergies in my own family by their daily use of locally grown honey. Hubby and I would put it in our coffee in the morning rather than another sweetener and it honestly made a difference. It was rare that we  needed to take an allergy pill. I purpose to buy local honey whenever possible, and if not to buy raw, natural honey from a producer. You will not see me buying honey from a super center.. why?? Raw honey containes all of the pollen, live enzymes, proplis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals just as it was in the hive. Not processed and refined. 

We Mohawk Valley Trading Company in Utica New York offers the highest quality organic and unprocessed natural products that they can possibly produce.

Unpasteurized honey, unfiltered honey, unprocessed honey, unheated honey and unblended honey. Pure, raw gourmet honey.

Raw wildflower honey is often used by pollen allergy sufferers to lessen their sensitivity to pollen by eating 1 to 2 tsp. of it each day. The idea is, that by introducing small amounts of pollen into their system by eating raw honey, a tolerance to pollen allergens is built up.

It tastes excellent!! Naturally healthy, and great tasting!! Can't beat that for lunch or any other time of the day!

Thumbs up from a 4 year old!! It doesn't get much better than that. 

Buy your honey today by contacting Mohawk Valley Trading Company on their website

1 pound glass jar is only $10.00 

Not only do they have wildflower honey, they have orange blossom, apple blossom, buckwheat and more. Each honey will vary in taste based on the flowers the bees gathered from. 

I received a product from Mohawk Valley Trading to facilitate my review. This review is my honest opinion. 


  1. One of my FAVE ways to eat honey!

  2. I am totally a honey snob as well. Great review.

  3. Honey is great on fresh biscuits too!! Great review

  4. I LOVE honey too. I use it in lots of recipes instead of sugar.

  5. thats looks amazingly delicious :)