Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sky Ball Review

Sky Balls
The weather has been so amazing this winter, we are getting an early spring fever! Not that it really ever felt like winter. We are getting outside more and more lately, running around the yard and playing in the sunshine. We love playing with a variety of sports equipment and balls here with the 6 children. Balls are something you can get creative with and share with all ages. I recently received the Sky Ball from Maui Toys. The ‘highest bouncing ball made’. It can bounce up to 75 feet in the air.

Now I do live on a mini farm, and there isn’t a lot of places to test out this incredible flying ball unless I want it to end up in the neighbors cow field. The kids were able to bounce it as tall as the house though before I made them take it further away. I am pretty sure if they had an empty parking lot they would seriously be able to make this ball bounce!

Perfect size for kids hands to throw and bounce and catch. I love how lightweight the ball is! Not big and bulky like many sporting balls are. Easy enough for a young tike to pick up and throw around. Very durable also!

About Maui Toys
Maui Toys, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Brian D. Kessler who sought to bring vibrant fashion, versatile function and evolving style together to set a standard for unique toys in a competitive market. Maui Toys catapulted into the toy industry spotlight with the worldwide patented Wave Hoop®. Integrated with water to make hooping easier than ever before and covered in striking colors and eye-catching designs, the Wave Hoop® broke Maui into the forefront of the toy market.

As a manufacturer and distributor of spring and summer activity toys worldwide, their core business is outdoor sports related toys that encourage children to be active. Now, setting standards yet again, Maui is reinventing the ball with Sky Ball® showing continual effort and success at raising the bar for the company as a whole and the toy industry in general. In addition, Maui Toys leads the competitors with a wide range of Impulse Toys that add the magic of light and sound to a variety of nostalgic toys from our past. Corporate Headquarters are located in Youngstown, Ohio with sales in Los Angeles, California, and an office in Hong Kong. With an innovative design, tenacious sales and creative marketing team, Maui Toys continually endeavors to stay one step ahead of the competitors.
Maui Toys accomplishes making the life of a child as childlike as possible, spinning Wave Hoops® forever around their hips and bouncing the Sky Ball® high in the sky

I received a product from Maui Toys to facilitate my honest and fair review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. I don't know about the ball but the kids are sure cute! ;)