Monday, March 26, 2012

Simon and the Easter Miracle- Review

Simon and the Easter Miracle
Mary Joslin
Illustrated by Anna Luraschi

Simon and the Easter Miracle is a traditional tale for Easter about the man Simon who had to carry Christ's cross to the crucifixion. 

Simon gathers his wares to sell at the local market and heads out, not expecting to have the Roman solider demand he drop his things and pick up the cross. Simon didn't even know who this man was, beaten and worn out and unable to carry his cross the rest of the way. The book says he 'picked up the prisoner's cross, simply because he had to'. 
Simon deposits Christ and his cross and rushes off back to the market to find his wares stampeded and useless. He heads home without setting up a stall, defeated. 

I love Easter and Easter books that are true to the gospel message. As a Christian I feel Easter is the fulcrum from which my faith exists. 

I did not care for this tale at all. I don't believe that Simon would have been so selfish. I don't think he was overly concerned about his wares after he helped Christ take his cross to be crucified. The tale never once discussed that this is Christ either! Simply calls him the prisoner.. WHAT!! No information on the crucifixion, let alone the Resurrection. The Easter miracle that the story refers to is Simon being blessed with good crops and a harvest, not the Resurrection of Christ. 

On the back of the book it states that this "traditional folk tale goes to the very heart of the Easter story", yet never once mentions the truth of Easter. 

Very disheartened by the book and it will not be staying on our shelves. I hate to say that about any book, let alone one that tries to represent itself as a Christian book. 

I received this book from Kregel in exchange for an honest review. 

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