Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Send A Flying Card!

Have you priced greeting cards lately? Talk about pricey for a greeting, especially for one with a WOW factor. I recently was introduced to Send a Flying Card.. now there is some WOW factor!
What is going to be more exciting to get in the mail on your birthday, another envelope or a frisbee?? I know the answer each of my kids would give! Well.. except when Grandparents stick money in the envelope.
If you typically just send a card for various occassions, Easter, Birthdays, Thinking of you.. why not send a frisbee instead?

This is the sample I got for review, how fun is that they were able to take the picture from my blog and put it on the frisbee! Came in the mail just like this, no wasted envelope, just a sticker with the address on the inside which is easily removed. Attention getting for sure. I was excited to see my website on the frisbee. Who wouldn't be excited to see their photo or name, or even a picture of their dog on a frisbee!

Look at all the ways you can use a Sendaflyingcard...

* Take a picture of the kiddo's and send it to grandparents
* College students
* Military
* Missing you
* Thinking of you
* Birth Announcement
* Anniversary

and the list is only limited by your imagination!!

Quality Frisbee too!

Start here to design your own Flying Card http://www.sendaflyingcard.com/order-here.html

Choose your own
* Color
* Message
* Image, logo or photo

Visit Send A Flying Card today and get your orders in for all those special birthdays!
Any Questions you may have can be answered here http://sendaflyingcard.com/faqs.html

Check them out on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/sendaflyingcard
and Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/sendaflyingcard
Be sure and check out their mailing list while you visit the site.

I received this in the mail less than an hour ago from Sendaflyingcard.com in exchange for an honest review. I loved it so much I got right on to share with my readers!!


  1. That is a fun idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Hi all. Don’t forget, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Send someone a special green Flying Greeting today. Or, send one instead of a birthday card to that special someone. Guaranteed to impress, as it is a card and a gift all in one.

    Check out our best ways to use a Flying Greeting at http://www.sendaflyingcard.com/best-ways-to-use-a-flying-greeting.html or order one today at http://www.sendaflyingcard.com/order-here.html.

    Thank you.