Monday, February 13, 2012

Nate Rocks The World- Karen Pokras Toz

Sometimes getting 10 year old boys to read can be a challenge. Finding interesting books, full of adventure and fun but without the language and world issues can often be more challenging than getting them to actually read.
Karen Pokras Toz has written a book that will appeal to both boys and parents!
Nate Rocks the World is about 10 year old Nathan Rockledge who tends to be a daydreamer. Everyday ordinary events lead Nate to drift off into his imagination leading to adventure and of course he becoming the hero! He utilizes his drawing skills to create cartoons to go along with his imaginary journeys. He helps Captain Astroid fight evil, Santa deliver toys, and help the president of the USA help protect national security, and more all in one book!!
Boys who struggle to hold their attention, tend to daydream, and hate to read... Nate Rocks is perfect for them!! Written in short chapters, fast paced, and full of adventure!!
Now through Feb 15th Get Nate Rocks the World on Ebook for 99cents AND enter to win a Kindle Fire!!


  You can visit Karen Pokras Toz on her website

Be watching for Nate's next adventure this spring! 

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