Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Katie's Way- Book Review

Katie’s Way
Marta Perry

In Marta Perry’s Pleasant Valley series, book 5 she introduces Katie Miller who sets up a quilt shop on the main street in Pleasant Valley, right next door to Caleb Brand’s furniture shop. Oh how he had wished a hardware store would have set up shop next door rather than a group of chattering women!

Katie’s teen sister Rhoda comes to stay under the guise to help Katie with the quilt shop. Really Katie’s parents are concerned about the company Rhoda is keeping. Caleb of course, working next door overhears the conversation with Katie and her mother and is determined to keep his teen niece Becky as far away from Rhoda as possible. The girls hit it off of course and Katie and Caleb must learn to be pleasant with each other. There does seem to be a love/hate relationship between them!

Both Katie and Caleb have past stories to tell, and forgiveness to extend. Will they be able to share with each other to help move on?
I was excited to read a new voice (to me) in Amish fiction. Though this is Marta’s 5th book, it was the first one I had read. I know there is quite a variety of fiction authors who have delved into Amish fiction and I was excited to find  a new one to me. Marta’s 6th book in the series will be out this spring.

What I loved about this book

*the true country feel of Pleasant Valley
*the family involvement and support
*Amish culture described and depicted to bring it to life
*I didn’t have to read the previous in the series to be able to know what was happening in this book. It was easily a stand alone.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase it and the rest of the series here

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