Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Flash Book Review

Just Flash
A Tales of Midlandia Storybook

Michael Scotto
illustrated by The Ink Circle

As patrons visited Animal Land they often asked "What do you call that big blue whatsit?" The zookeeper answers "He's just Flash. No more, no less". Oh but how Flash wishes to be much more than that. He is lonely and stuck with no friends and no identity of who he belongs to. The other animals dont relate to him, and Flash feels down in the dumps. He tries to fit in with the giraffee, the zebras and even the gazelles.. but he is just Flash. 

Michael Scotto writes a beautiful tale for children and adults alike on our uniqueness and our value based on that, rather than belonging to a group. I love  how Michael writes books with a strong message for the readers and uses such fantastic characters from Midlandia. A childlike way to present a universal problem.. that of not fitting in. Self esteem needs to take route in childhood and authors like Michael Scotto do their part to help their young readers to find it through unique characters.  

The Ink Circle is a creative group of illustrators that bring Flash and the other characters to life through their bright colors and eye for detail. I want a Flash in my animal herd!! 

I continue to enjoy the books from Midlandia and encourage you to ask your library to purchase them and add to the collection. 

I received a copy of Flash from Midlandia Press in exchange for an honest review. 

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