Friday, February 3, 2012

Julia E. Dean Woodland Mug Review and Giveaway

I am a firm believer that ones coffee cup says much about what  their personality is. Is it a chipped favorite cup given by a child. How about a plain, yet over-sized cup. Or do you strive for that elegant bone china cup.
It is certainly not the coffee by itself, it is also the cup that holds it. 

Julia E. Dean is an amazing artist with beautiful pottery creations. Living among the beauty of natural in New York, Julia is able to take that nature and impress it into her artwork. The beautiful Woodland mug has leaves from trees and plants impressed on the outside of the mug and then stained. The inside of the mug is glazed for functionality. It is truly a stunning piece of artwork.
 Durable so that I was not afraid to use it, yet delicate in features that it made me feel very outdoorsy while using it. One important thing to me in mugs is that they do not get overly hot on the outside when the coffee is in it. I don't care to burn my hands if I decide to wrap them around my mug. This mug passed the hand test! Perfect heat emitted. 
A true artisan Julia says on her website 
"The act of creating manifests a profound vulnerability within oneself. Drawing from life experience, visions, memories and emotion gives way to a resounding and poignant conversation with the deepest parts of one's soul. For me, listening well to this conversation gives space for the gestation and birth of images and forms that narrate my journey inward"
Julia is blessing one my readers with a Woodland Mug for Coffee Revue!! 
If you cant wait, visit her now at her etsy site and browse around!
Use the rafflecopter for your chance to win!

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  1. My tea cup is a big blue stoneware mug.

  2. These are beautiful. While I was at her site, I thought the Robin's egg scroll must was also lovely.

    This morning's tea cup was an angel design given to me by my goddaughter.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. In honor of my favorite sports team of all time playing this weekend in the Superbowl - my coffee cup this morning was a Patriots cup.

  4. I totally agree! Cups and mugs are so important. The right cup can make the coffee taste so much better.

  5. very pretty! i agree with having a favorite cup!

  6. These are so cute! My coffee mug this morning was a styrofoam cup in the breakroom! I need a pretty mug! :)

  7. It was actually a tall Starbucks cup. The only thing that was salvaged from my kitchen after the tornado in May when I lost my home.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  8. Mine a huge red and white mug that says : With the right pair of shoes and enough coffee you can take on the world"! single

  9. Unfortunately, my coffee mug this morning was a can of Monster. :) Normally it's a big white one that says "Cats like obedient people".

  10. I have to laugh for the past 10+ years now I have used the same mug for my coffee everyday. Then this winter I took it to the office, where I spend most of my time. In less than a week a lady who works with me filled my mug and sat it down, I said WOW that cup was wet, did you just wash it...oh no, it was cracked from the inside out...only a hairline crack but enough of one that it now holds me pens on my far no other mug has stood up to this one.

  11. My morning cup is stained and has a big hairline crack running down from the rim.
    Danielle S

  12. I have a red mug with the insignia of a kids' Christian camp on it.

  13. I actually didn't have anything this morning, had to fast for some blood work unfortunately :(

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