Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jake & Jesus book review

Jake & Jesus
Kelly Hagen

Jesus is Jake’s best friend. In this darling book, Jake tells the readers why Jesus is his best friend.
Jesus is never too tired for him
Jesus talks to him and Jake can talk to him anytime
Jesus gave his life for Jake and for all, what a gift!
Jake gives Jesus his heart.

Kelly Hagen uses simple wording, and structure to bring the truth of salvation to youngsters. Young Jake describes his life with Jesus being his best friend for the reader and invites them to have Jesus be their best friend as well. Fantastic witnessing book for young ones as it is easy to grasp, and with the faith as a child God can use this book to draw the youngest to him. Perfect size for toddler hands and it comes with a free audio download. Play it for your Sunday school class as you share the love of Jesus with them!

As we move into the Easter season I encourage those with young ones to get this book to put in the child’s Easter basket, refocus on the reason for the holiday. They will treasure it, just as Jesus treasures them!

I received a copy of this book from Kelly Hagen, a fellow Kentuckian!
May God bless her and her ministry to youngsters through this book.
You can get your copy or several copies for distributing this season from 

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