Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Post Book Review

Reviewed by Dakota
the Land Beyond the Portal
J.S. Bailey

The land beyond the portal was an amazing book! the plot was filled with adventure and mystery. the story line is new and original. As J.S. Bailey expertly creates the story, you feel like you are right there with Laura(the main character) as she mysteriously ends up in a foreign land. She learns to trust god in dire circumstances while fulfilling God's plan.
This book was a page turner that I could not put down. It is a quick read, but worth it because when it ends you wish it would go on longer. Overall "the Land Beyond the Portal" is great for all ages and a must read!

From Melanie
Dakota was thrilled with this book. He would read some and run in and tell me about it. He would whoop and holler and say Oh Wow numerous times while reading it. He is an avid reader and it isn't often I hear that kind of reaction from him when reading a book! I would label this a 5 star plus simply from my sons reactions to the book. Fantastic job J. S. Bailey!!

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