Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family Bible Study Review

Discovering Christ in Community
Family Group Bible Studies
Mike & Susan Reinfeldt

There was a season in our lives, when we had primarily young children that we were involved in a small group Bible study in our home. We would utilize various resources to study as couples while our young children, under the care of a babysitter, played in the other room. I have since that time desired to have a Bible study program that would incorporate the children into the family structure and study together as a family unit. I am one who is big on my family sitting together at church and not separating off into their own 'classes' each time we are in the church building. I find some unique dynamics when we can work and study together as a family.
Mike & Susan have written a fantastic Family Bible study collection that will incorporate all ages in the family, and utilize the basic small group structure to bond families together.
Perfect for 6-8 smaller families, or if they are more my size I would say maybe 4-6 families. Each member of the family is included, no need for a babysitter. The lesson always has a fun activity for the family like an scavenger hunt or obstacle course that will drive home the theme of the week. Themes like "The right tools at the right time", "Integrity, how genuine are you?" and "Content.. under pressure". Relevant to this day, the Reinfeldts utilize scripture, video references, bible reading and activities to drive home the point on all age levels.
Having recently moved to a new state, I feel this study would be a fantastic place to start in our getting to know a few couples and their children. Looking at the Word together, and fellowship with one another is the way to discovering Christ more fully in the community we live in.
I was happy to review a copy of these Bible Studies, collection one and two and hope to utilize them in the near future!

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Email Q&A with Mike Reinfeldt

*  How does your faith play a role in your professional/personal life?  My faith plays a dominant role is both my personal/and professional life.  I feel each decision I make or am a part of
If fueled by faith.  In life and football we are forced to make very difficult decisions without having all of the answers or all of the information.  Only through faith, and the reliance on God  can one
hope to make the right decisions.
*  Was faith something you had as a child or in your family?  If not, would something like this study have made a difference for you?  Faith was not something that I was introduced to in the
traditional family sense.  My parents religious faith and activity was not very strong.  However, I was blessed to have a grandfather who was completing his spiritual journey as I was in my high school years.
I was blessed to be part of his journey and he was part of mine.  It was extremely helpful to have a close family member to grow in faith together.  To have a whole family share the experience would have
been unbelievable.
*  Is faith a major component in the NFL?  The NFL is like a slice of the everyday world.  To some, one’s faith is the most important part of the NFL.  To others, it is a
Very small part.  One needs to make the conscious choice to surround himself with people with whom their faith is very important to.
*  Why is this bible study series important to you?  This Bible study is important to me because it served as a grounding point ensure that Faith was a component of Family life and of work.
I feel it gave our kids, my wife and myself a chance to grow the our faith in the presence and influence of family and friends.
* Why might it be important to someone else?   I think the study would help keep families evenly yoked.  This study allows both moms and dads to contribute and share as their heart tells them to and
at their own pace.  In todays world, anything that keeps a family in the word and exploring the word together is a huge blessing.
I received a copy of these books in exchange for an honest review.

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