Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Devil's Puzzle Book Review

The Devil’s Puzzle
Clare O’Donohue

A Someday Quilts Mystery

Back in my farming days I loved to quilt! Actually still love to quilt, it is just my quilting/computer room has become the storage zone for our unpacking after our recent move out of state. I will be back to quilting eventually, but for now I find great joy in reading about quilters! Couple that with a mystery and I am golden
Nell had melded into life in Archers Nest , working for her grandmother Eleanor at Someday Quilts and now volunteered (by said grandmother) to organize a quilt show for the 350th anniversary of the town.
When a skeleton is discovered in Eleanor’s garden, and strange happenings start up, the town wonders if old John Archer is causing unrest from the grave. He did practice witchcraft after all. Now fingers are pointing to Eleanor as the killer.. how can that be?

Now I am not big into reading about witches, vampires or the like. I was drawn to this book because of it’s quilting theme, and Devil’s Puzzle is a quilt block. It doesn’t have all those things I mentioned either, just a set up to consider in the beginning. So as Nell is looking for who dun it, the author throws in romance and intrique to the mix! For Eleanor and Nell.  The mystery kept me guessing till the end. I loved the twists and turns as Clare O’Donohue organized the mystery, but also kept the characters growing in their relationships with each other. I loved the closeness with Eleanor and Nell and despite their differences they were able to come back to each other.

I am excited to read more of Clare O’Donohue’s work. This was the 4th in a series so I can back track from here.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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