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Wool Dryer Balls Eco Friendly- 30% coupon giveaway

Maple Hill Dryer Balls

Even with living on a farm for the past 6 years, I had never heard of wool dryer balls. Were my sheep friends holding out on me or what. These wool dryer balls are amazing. I was skeptical at first; how will a wool ball attract all the static from my clothing, plus decrease drying time? Nature’s little secret. It works fantastic!
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With the Green Resolution theme this month I was really looking at ways to green up, but also ways to keep my family healthier without the use of so many chemicals. What are in dryer sheets anyhow.. nothing natural, and those chemicals stick to your clothing. As a quilter I never used dryer sheets on fabric because you didn’t want that chemical layer on it. Then why did I continue to use it on my family’s clothing?? Never again.

Let me tell you about the Wool Dryer Balls I received from Maple Hill Dryer Balls
They are much larger than I expected, larger even than a tennis ball. The color of the sheep it came from so no funny dyes to interfere with your clothing. Mine were unscented but Rebecca at Maple Hill can scent them for you if you like. I really do like the unscented as I am working on using better laundry detergent also and it tends to keep a nice clean scent.
I asked Rebecca a few questions about her Wool Dryer Balls.

1. What gave you the idea for Wool Dryer Balls and what have you found to be their advantage.

My clothes, let alone the diapers, were not drying in the dryers at the apartment with one cycle and you have to pay per cycle. I had to hang the clothes all over the apartment in the winter. Therefore, I started researching alternatives and saw wool dryer balls and realized I have access to wool from my Dad!  God really has blessed my family with this business! He has made it all happen and given me the tools I need to make it successful. Through prayer, all the answers have come that I need. I was not looking to start a small business but it has helped us tremendously in times of need. My motto now is "The Lord Will Provide" because he has proven that time and time again through this business and of course through the rest of my life as well.

2. How do you go about collecting the wool for your dryer balls?

My Dad shears the sheep, then we send the wool off to be picked, washed, and carded in to roving so that I can use it!

3. Did you grow up around sheep and did you ever think as a youngster that you would be using their wool to dry clothing?

Ever since I can remember my Dad has had sheep. We showed them in 4-H every year and took them to several other sheep shows around the country. I never once thought about how to utilize the wool apart from spinning it which my Dad does do.

4. The the access to wool that you have are you a crafter with crochet and knitting?

 I sooooo wish I could knit and crochet, I love all things handmade! I have never had the patience my sister does and makes beautiful things. I think now that I am older I can sit long enough to learn!:)

5. What advantages to you like most about Wool Dryer Balls?

I love how my clothes are dry with one cycle! I also love how I don't have to use chemical regular dryer sheets and I no longer need to buy the "natural" dryer sheets or fabric softeners. They save me money in many ways!

6. How are your dryer balls different than others on the market today?

My dryer balls are much much bigger than most other dryer balls out there which means they work more effectively. In addition, dryer balls shrink over time as they continue to felt and these will too but that makes them that much bigger than the competitions. I also like how my wool is straight from my Dad and I can finally help support the farm!

Well worth the investment as the dryer balls last for YEARS!

I have been using my dryer balls for probably near a month now. And Rebecca did recommend my using more with my larger loads, but I have just had these 2, and they are doing fantastic. Just wanted to show you how they grab on to that static and take it away from the clothes.

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  2. I have known Rebecca for several years and know that she is a hard working wife, mom and now business owner. With God at her side, her dryer ball business will keep on growing, as He has given her a good product! Way to go, Becky!
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