Sunday, January 29, 2012

UnHallowed Ground Book Review

Unhallowed Ground
Mel Starr

Another brilliant slice of medieval crime fiction Thomas atte Bridge, a man no one likes, is found hanging from a tree near Cowleys Corner. All assume he has taken his own life, but Master Hugh and Kate find evidence that this may not be so.
Many of the town had been harmed by Thomas, and Hugh is not eager to send one of them to the gallows. Then he discovers that the priest John Kellet, atte Bridge’s partner in crime in A Corpse at St. Andrew's Chapel, was covertly in Bampton at the time atte Bridge died.
Master Hugh is convinced that Kellet has murdered atte Bridge--one rogue slaughtering another. He sets out for Exeter, where atte Bridge now works. But there he discovers that the priest is an emaciated skeleton of a man, who mourns the folly of his past life. Hugh must return to Bampton and discover which of his friends has murdered his enemy.

It is honestly hard to find Christian Fiction books set in Medieval times. One of my very favorite time periods to read about with my unrealistic dreams of castles and knights in shining armor! This book was superb! The mystery of whodunit kept you reading and guessing and trying to figure it out right alongside of Hugh. I loved the relationship with Hugh and his new bride Kate too which gave us another side of Hugh.. super helpful in character development. Mel Starr graciously gives us a mini dictionary in the front of the book with some medieval lingo, which I did have to use on occasion. Definitely not a book you can speed right through. The language barrier makes the reader spend more time and depth in understanding what is taking place. 
This was Mel's 4th chronicle of Hugh and the first I have read. It didn't upset my reading at all with it being the 4th. It could easily stand alone, or draw in that you want to see what else Hugh as been up to prior to this murder investigation.

Fantastic Read!!

I received a copy of this book from Kregel in exchange for an honest review.

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