Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainbows End Coffee Review and Giveaway

Rainbows End
Superior Montana
Fresh Roasted Coffee

Randy and Wendy Russ run Rainbows End from Western Montana in the shadows of the Bitteroot Range. There coffee is roasted to order so you are getting it as freshly roasted as you can without roasting your own beans.
Being a smaller business Rainbows End is able to give you the year of the coffee bean crop, the specific quality grade, and the name of the Farmer Co-op behind them, working closely with the bean growers in Bolivia. These are not commodity coffee beans but 100% Premium Arabica Beans. 

They buy their beans from eco-friendly estates in the high –altitude regions of the Yungas in Bolivia in strict accordance with Fair Trade standards. 

So now that you have the background, how was their coffee??

Smelling the fresh roasted beans, grinding them and putting them into the coffee pot I am thinking of sitting around a campfire in the mountains at night, a chill in the air. I take my first sip of coffee and I am pulled into that scene even more with the roasted flavor and deep rich scent of Rainbows End coffee. 
Perhaps it is the whole roasted in Montana premise that gets my imagination going but I feel like hollering out “Circle the Wagons Pilgrim”. I really would have loved a good ole fashioned metal mug to drink this coffee from. Superb roast, and an obvious focus on detail by Randy and Wendy when roasting these coffee beans. 

I loved that they are a small company buying their beans directly from a Co-Op and having such an invested interest in where their beans are coming from. 

They have been super to work with and I hope you will take some time to visit them at their etsy shop http://allmontana.etsy.com
I have a small bag of coffee graciously given to one of my readers from Rainbows End.
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  2. Thank you for sharing. Not a huge coffee drinker but I do like the other pat of their business venture.

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