Sunday, January 22, 2012

Queen of the Home Book Review

Queen of the Home
Compiled and Edited by Jennifer M. McBride

What do you think of when you read the title of this book, Queen of the Home? Do you think, yeah right, Queen Worker Bee maybe. Or do you get prideful and think, hey no one treats me like a queen around here!. Or maybe you realize your value as a homemaker and keeper of the home. I believe Jennifer McBride gathered stories, quotes and essays from the way past up to the present to show Christian women as the Queen of their home, that they indeed are intended as such. 

Loved what Jennifer says here " The godly wife and mother is no household drudge, weak doormat, or mindless parasite. She is a might warrior queen who fights righteous battles at her husband's side and reigns with him over the home and domain God has given them as they work together for Christ's eternal Kingdom and glory."

Motherhood used to be considered a sacred calling, but with the feminist movement, and women heading back to work, the homemaker has begun to feel lesser than by being a helpmeet at home. The Bible has a vision of women much different than the world tends to cast its shadow upon. As helpers to their husband, caretakers of their home, and mentoring their children, women are doing a job far more meaningful and needed than society often gives them credit for. 

Jennifer takes essays from well know women of the past and shares them with the women today. She also includes women of today with the same vision for women to return to their rightful place as Queen of the home. 
Very encouraging and uplifting for women who feel stuck in the drudgery of being a homemaker, rather in the glory of the place God has called them. 
Excellent compilation of essays, poems and quotes this book will minister to all those called to be the Queen of their Home. 

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