Monday, January 9, 2012

Pig in the Pantry

The Pig in the Pantry
And other homeschool tales
Rose Godfrey

Witty and hilarious, this collection of homeschool tales from the life of the Godfreys both encourages and enlightens. Each essay brought a smile to my face and many a laugh out loud. The antics of homeschooling brought to life by a family with 11 children.

I loved how Rose guides her children in more of an unconventional, hands on learning approach to school. More of the unschooling that I tend to love in my own homeschool adventure.

Tales on how kids will be kids and the things they say! She writes easy to read, quick essays for the mom on the run who doesn’t get time to sit and read a whole book. Each essay is grouped into chapters on topics such as food, socialization, farm life, family and more.

It is great to read about a homeschool family with a sense of humor, and the reality that things aren’t perfect in the homeschooling arena. That we don’t have to teach Latin, have our children speak several foreign languages, and be skilled in 3 musical instruments.

 Homeschooling for real families. Families that understand that Mom and Dad are going to relate best to their children when it comes to their education, and despite the investment it is all worth it in the end. Great encouragement for homeschoolers from a Mom that finds the humor in daily living!

Thanks Rose for a copy of this book, it has brought great laughter and joy!

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  1. I'll have to remember this one! Fun to laugh in the journey of homeschooling!