Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lonely Hearts- Amanda Stephan

Lonely Hearts
Amanda Stephan

Widowed Mother Becky and her 2 children relocate to an out of the way small town and soon realize just how out of the way they are living. Strangers in a new place, yet soon Becky has 3 eligible bachelors vying for her attention. Becky’s children Jen and Jeff are onboard to hook up their mother after a long singleness of 9 years. Matchmakers in the wings they are trying to help Mom choose the right match. Love is a bit more complex than that though.
Ever feel like you are not communicating with someone, that though you think you are on the same page, you are not getting through. That the lack of actual words, and assumptions make the reality of the situation mist filled? That is how I felt with Pearce, one of the bachelors in the story. Though Becky and he seem to have a bond with each other, they struggle to bring their voice to the relationship. Becky knows where the others stand, Jack and Scott as they are forward with their thoughts and ideas.
Is being hurt in the past preventing Pearce from communicating his feelings? Is Becky going to be able to get him past that?
I love how Amanda not only creates a wonderful small town feel in her book, but creates the emotions and feelings to go along with it. I enjoyed getting to know each of the bachelors and their unique characteristics, trying to guess which would be the best suited for Becky if any. Amanda so kindly had Becky be a homeschooling mom, though single and I found that very encouraging. I did like the explanation on how that came to be as well as I think the readers would question how that was possible. As a homeschooler myself I run into some of the same questions and false assumptions that Becky was confronted with and I loved how she was able to rise above the common gossip.
Beautiful character development and a well though through love story with mention of God as the center.
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