Sunday, January 29, 2012

.. Toys with Feelings Inside
I am not sure who was more excited when our Kimochis arrived. The 4 year or the 10 year old!

 Absolutely beautiful workmanship on this toy Bug. The stitching is tight and the colors are vibrant and distinct. The kids loved how this bug started as a caterpillar and had hidden wings you can pull out for him to fly. His name is simply Bug. The Kimochis have books you can purchase separately that explain why they come with the emotions that they do.

Bug came with the Emotions of Left Out, Brave, and Happy.

As my 4 year old said to his brother, "Hey Give me back my Motions!" I love the interaction we had explaining what Emotions are, and the different ones Bug expressed.

  The Emotions fit right into Bugs front Pocket

You can purchase additional Emotions to help teach your youngsters.
And several other Characters like Cat, Cloud and Huggtapus

This toy was an all around hit with everyone!
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  1. I don't even have children and I am so enchanted by Kimochis! I have Cloud and I can't wait to share him with my future little one (way down the road...but who knows!). These toys are so wonderful--great review :)