Monday, January 9, 2012

Costume Discounters Iron Man Costume Review

What Kid or Adult for that matter doesn't enjoy playing Dress-Up, especially when you can transform into your favorite Super Hero!!

As soon as we got the box from Costume Discounters with this kids ironman costume
My 9 year old was instantly transformed!!

He has the moves down and everything

Who is that masked man?

It even has padding to bulk up the suit! Those muscles aren't really from the 9 year old.

Costumes aren't just for Costume Parties or Halloween. We actually don't even celebrate Halloween. My kids love to dress up year round and put on plays and delve into their imaginations. We can't always keep them from the TV but at least we can get them dressed up and using what they saw to play the old fashioned way by dressing up!
Costume Discounters has a HUGE selection of costumes for all ages. The largest selection of costumes I have ever seen on one place!

The Iron Man costume is well made. My son wore it for 3 days straight and only took it off as I wouldn't let him wear it to the store. The wear and tear of all day use, and sleeping was the true test of durability. Solid costume that will last to hand down to his younger brother.
We have had bought costumes on the clearance rack from local stores that start with a W, and they come apart at the seems with minimal use. The fabric on this Iron Man suit will hold for a long time.
I loved how this suit was buffed up with additional padding in the chest to make him look more like Iron Man
Much like in Iron Man the Movie!

I am Iron Man!

Super quick shipping, great customer service, huge selection!
Consider getting your family costumes for their birthday this year, or create a family costume event this winter to beat out the doldrums.


  1. Saw your links on FB. Glad to know of this site as my 3 1/2 year old boy is getting into dress up and his sister's princess costumes are almost all we have. He did get a Buzz Lightyear costume for Christmas that he LOVES. Fun!

  2. Appearing as the Iron Man would certainly be an eye-catcher over the other superhero costumes out there.