Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Green Glass Company Review

The Green Glass Company

I was thrilled to received a 2 pack of tumblers and 2 goblets from the Mist collection from the Green Glass company. They take a wine bottle and create a tumbler from the bottom, and a goblet from the top of the wine bottle by twisting and flaring the neck of the bottle to create a stem, using 100% if the wine bottle!

The tumblers are heavy duty glass, much thicker than other glassware I have used. The walls of the glass are actually up to 10 times stronger than traditional glasses as they were created to hold wine/beer for longer durations and travel, making the glass much more durable. The edges were extremely smooth as they fire polish them with a process borrowed from the crystal makers making a very smooth rim.

Dishwasher safe, freezer safe, durable, 100% reused… The Green Glass company is certainly doing its part to promote sustainable products using repurposed items.
The Green Glass Co has several collections to choose from in tumblers and goblets based on the bottle that they begin with. For the beer lovers they have glasses repurposed from beer bottles. They also sell vases and candle holders.
Excellent gift giving ideas for weddings, bridal showers, eco-friendly friends and family, or even for yourself!
The Meadow Collection

The Cobalt Collection

The Topaz Collection

Super quick shipping, excellently packed. I have already ordered more for a gift as I am sold on these excellent, artistic glasses!!

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  1. Wow! These are so cool! Thanks for sharing :)
    Dropping by from Alexa Drop Hop!

  2. Thank is so cool! We usually throw out wine bottles. We must practice green living!

  3. They're really beautiful - as well as being environmentally kosher.

  4. That's a really, really neat idea!! They're beautiful!

  5. So pretty! Already checking out the shop. I would love a set of the wine glasses :)

  6. Be aware that their reclaim glass for candles as the votive does not sit flat on the bottom and will move over and break the glass in large pieces.