Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glass Dharma Review

Glass Dharma
The Original Glass Straw

Do you even realize how many straws are daily thrown out and end up in the landfills? In my family alone we would be throwing out 8 straws from one meal.
We can start simple with being green conscience just by replacing our straws with glass and reducing the amount of plastics on the earth.
Glass Dharma offers a solution for you by using Borocilicate tubing which is the strongest commercial glass available. Made in the USA which is a huge plus in my shopping!

I received 4 straws from Glass Dharma to review.
A Sipper with Decorative Dots
A Beautiful Bend Straw
A Smoothie Straw
A Decorative Dot 9.5 inch Straw

Each is crafted so beautifully and uniquely. They are heavy duty straws with well rounded ends. The decorative dots add a uniqueness to each straw but also allows the family to differentiate who owns which straw, something in my family with young children was a necessity. Also the decorative dots help the straw from rolling off the table!

Besides great products, Glass Dharma has excellent Customer Service. My 4 year old helped me test this out when he broke the sipper straw by dropping it on the floor. I contaced Glass Dharma right away and asked her about what I should do. Glass Dharma offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on their straws!! On glass straws, that are very strong, but still made out of glass and have the potential to break. WHY do they offer such a generous guarantee?
Gail Johnson says "We want people to use the straws daily and not be afraid of breakage. For everyday use our straws are normally very durable and can last a lifetime."

I was extremely pleased with the variety of straws that Glass Dharma offers in lengths, diameters, decorative dots and more. I was even more impressed with their care of their customers and providing a product that they stand behind!
Please visit Glass Dharma on their website
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Check out their fantastic products and stop using those plastic straws!!


  1. Oh, I want these. I always use plastic straws for my smoothies and would love to try these.

  2. My grandchildren were using these at my daughter's house when I visited and they were so nice. I don't normally use straws, but, my grandchildren here in Florida would love them.