Friday, January 6, 2012

BarnHeart- Jenna Woginrich

Jenna Woginrich

The incurable longing for a farm of one’s own
Jenna is a witty, well rounded homesteader with a knack for finding the funniest things about farming and living off the land. I loved her book Chick Days and when I saw she had a memoir out I knew it would be a memorable read.
Jenna as she mentions in her intro goes from urban designer to rural shepherd. She starts her memoir with a chapter on “How to know if you are infected”. Infected with what you ask? Barnheart.. the desire to be a farmer but due to circumstances it just isn’t happening at the current time. Don’t fret, hold tight and know you are not alone.
Having recently moved off our farm to a much smaller property I can seriously relate to Jenna. I had a farm and no longer do, having gone from a full farm to just a few chickens and rabbits. My heart longs for the goats and cows again and the title homesteader.. but circumstances just don’t allow it right now. If I had read this prior to the move I don’t think it would have the significant impact that it did now. I have more empathy for those who desire the rural life and haven’t arrived there yet.
Taking off to Vermont Jenna plays her fiddle right into the heart of New Englanders, despite her quirkiness. I think she was just what they needed! It isn’t always smooth sailing though, as Jenna learns lessons about living on a real farm. Not the story book kind of farm, but the downright dirty and hectic farm that is a ton of work and not always a huge payout.
Jenna blogs at about her life of homesteading. She is always encouraging others to join in the fun and embrace the country life. Reading her memoir is like sitting down on her country porch talking with her about her farm and critters. Fantastic memoir for those who suffer Barnheart and for those who just love hearing about the antics of the farm life.
I received a copy of this book from Storey in exchange for an honest review. Get your copy today!!

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