Friday, January 27, 2012

Alphabeasts Giveaway and Review


Alpha Toys, LLC, has unveiled an entirely new line of educational plush characters (The Alphabeasts) created to teach children their ABC’s and how to spell while having fun simultaneously.
The 15” plush characters retail for $15.99 each and come with a detachable biographical collector’s
card. The Alphabeasts Alphabet Book Box Set, showcasing the ‘beasts’ in multiple creative
illustrations, retails for $15.99.

Alphabeasts is giving one of my readers a Random Lettered Alphabeast. Which letter will it be??

Use the Rafflecopter to enter and be sure to stop by Alphabeasts website for some fun activities for the kids.

Initial product launch consists of 26 unique 15” doublesided learning companion ‘beasts’ with an
upper case alphabet letter residing on one side of the doll, and a lower case character in contrasting
color residing on the opposite side. Each Alphabeast has a distinctive design characteristic and
physical attribute that makes them different from one another. When these plush characters are
used together, children learn to spell an infinite combination of words.

My children tend to have LONG names, so we may not be doing a lot of spelling with Alphabeasts but I can tell you my daughter was very thrilled to have an S beast to snuggle with!

Alphabeasts have one side with a capital letter and the opposite side contains the lower case letter. A bit more difficult to see the difference with an S, but you can browse through their website to see the fun and interesting characters. I wasn't sure if my daughter would like a beast.. she is kind of a girly girl. She loved her beast Snibbles and slept with him for several nights! He is extremely well made. With stuffed animals and reviewing them I love to pull on their ears, poke their bellies and give them a once over to test for durability. The alphabeasts pass the Jubilee Review test!

My other 5 children now all want one, including the teens! Wonder what words we can make with D, M, M, C, S and M.. hmmm, need some vowels in there I think!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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