Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pookster and the Unloose Tooth- Rhonda Funk

Do you struggle with patience? Who doesn't right? Well how do we get children to understand the character of being patient when they are generally anything but patient? Rhonda Funk addresses the lesson of  patience in her book about brother sister duo, Pookster and Bubs. Bubs is one of those rare kids who doesn't mind waiting for things, say like loose teeth to fall out. Pookster has loose teeth out of her mouth in 45 mins from the time if first wiggles! Pookster certainly doesn't understand Bubs patience with such important things like loose teeth.

Pookster wants her 2 front teeth gone for Christmas so she can sing the famous song and mean it!
Will determination to succeed be what Pookster had wished for? Patience is going to sneak in there somewhere and probably when Pookster leasts expects it!

Rhonda records the book on cd for children to go the old fashioned way of listening to books on 'tape' and changing the page at the tone :) But.. it wont be necessary to use that because parents are going to want to read this book. It is humorous and has lots of AHHH moments for Mom and Dad to share with the kiddo's.
Great job Rhonda! Looking forward to more of Pooksters antics in upcoming books!!

For more on Rhonda and her work as an author, singer and publicist you can visit her at

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I received a copy of this book from Bring it On Communications in Exchange for an honest review.

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