Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby's Little Bible

I just love gifting books for special occassions. There seems to be a book for every person out there. My very favorite book to gift is a Bible. This precious little bible for baby's is perfect for giving to a new Mom and Dad for their little one, or giving to a baby for their 1st birthday. My Grandma has a tradition of gifting her great grandchildren with Bibles for their first baby and I love that!
This Bible is a padded hard back book coming in blue and pink. The pages are thicker, but not board book style. Perfect for Mom or Dad to read to little one and show them the pictures, but not a hands on book for them. The illustrations are big and bright, the focal point of the bible stories. Simple stories to captivate the child while they gaze at the illustrations. The bible hits the basic stories in words that are easy to understand, without taking away from the importance of the word.
Consider having a couple of these Bible on hand for your next Baby Shower, or little one joining the church.

Published by Lion Childrens
I received a copy of this Bible from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.

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