Thursday, December 15, 2011

40 Days to Better Living- Depression

40 Days to Better Living by Scott Morris
Distributed by the Church Health Center

Seasonal Affective Disorder, darker days, cooler weather, let down of the holidays.... the season for depression is heavy upon us.
Scott Morris has written a bimonthly series of books on new ways of wellness from aging to weight control to depression. This specific book targets the depression that is so incumbering to so many.
This daily digest book spends 40 days helping you choose ways and habits to help improve your depression.

Depression is a multi-facetted illness that the author attacks in a 7 step model. Daily aspects of your faith, physical health, exercise, work environment, emotional well being, relationships with friends and family, and your nutrition are all addressed with either an activity to do, a thought to mull around, or a journalling activity.
These 7 steps are encapsilated by a morning relflection and an evening wrap up, to give you a full days worth of good health ideas.

Not just a typical self-help book, I love how it has the reader interact and actually do something about their depression. I love how it reads like a digest or magazine rather than a book. I enjoyed the personal testimonies of clients from the health center.
I appreciated the holistic approach to wellness rather than just tackling one or two of the areas as many depression books seem to do.
Well done and I would enjoy reading more in the series.
I received a copy of this book from B & B media in exchange for an honest review.

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