Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unveiling The Kings of Israel- David Downs

Revealing the Bible Archaelogical History
published by Master Books

The historical realiability of the Bible is being challenged by secular archaelogists claiming there is no eveidence to support many of the Bible passages.
Correctly interpreted however, the historic records of Egypt show amazing consistency with the Bible.
Through maps, current photographs and significant research, David Downs is able to provide the reader with evidence for many of the historic stories in Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, 11 Kings, Daniel, Esther and more!
Amazing organization, this breathtaking hardback book would make a fantastic text for a study in Biblical History. Excllent resource for homeschool families that will be treasured for the next generation.
I have yet to see a book so detailed in God rich history, yet simple enough for the basic scholar to glean from.
The highest rating from me on this book!!

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