Monday, November 28, 2011

Pinky Bunny's First Day of Kindergarten- Kristina Cardoza

Remember back to your first day of school, five years old and timid about beginning your journey into the world of education. Kristina Cardoza remembers it well as the author is only 9 years old currently. She wrote Pinky Bunny when she was 5. How many of us considered writing a book at age 5?? I was barely reading at that point.
Kristina wrote the book because she wanted to express her feelings on that first day of Kindergarten and share with others who will be going through that experience. Not only did Kristina write the book, she is the illustrator as well, developing the illlustrations over time and updating them as a 9 year old.

Pinky Bunny starts kindergarten and doesn't know any other bunny in the class. Timid and lonely Pinky sits alone at story time and played alone. Blue bunny asks her to play and she joyfully accepts. As they are playing later, a mean green bunny is trying to hinder their play.
I love how the author uses color words throughout the story, to not just tell a story about kindergarten but to utilize color coded words and language for the young children to find.
A story of finding friends and forgiveness at an early age.
Fantastic work by a young 5 year old girl!! Your timid preschoolers would love to have this story read to them.

Thanks to the author for a copy of her book inexchange for an honest review.


  1. Hi Melanie!

    Thank you for the wonderful review of Kristina's book. For more information about Kristina and her book (, you can follow her on the following sites:

    Twitter: @KristinaCardoza

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  2. Almost forgot, she has 3 book readings/signings in December:

  3. Thank you, Ms. Melanie!! I love it!! Oh, and I'm not 9; I turned 10 in September. You can follow me, and I'll follow you back. Thanks again for your honest opinion of my book!! :D