Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paper Angels Review

Paper Angels
Billy Coffey

Andy Sommerville awakes in the hospital, badly burned; facing a box of memories he has collected. His angel ‘The Old Man’ encourages him to save items of significant memory to him. As he lies in the hospital bed, he awakes to see Elizabeth, a counselor sent to work with him emotionally. Elizabeth asks Andy to tell her about the memories in his box, something he hasn’t really ever shared.
Andy reminisces about lessons learned, heartaches remembered, and memories of times with The Old Man. Having his own private angel was his blessing and his curse. Blessed to have an angel sent to him by God, but cursed in that he didn’t feel he could share his secret with anyone, causing him to lose the love of his life.
Deep, reflective look back over one’s life. Andy’s unhappiness in life and his ‘just getting by’ attitude has Elizabeth helping him to reflect on if he has really let a happy fulfilled life.
Will sharing with Elizabeth bring out his desire for happiness and recovery?
I struggle to get into this book. It felt like a self help book in fiction form. Andy spilling his memories with Elizabeth and working through his life’s history. Just a bit too philosophical for my tastes.
I received a copy of this book from Faith Words in exchange for an honest review.

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