Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Nine Lives of Christmas- Sheila Roberts

The Nine Lives of Christmas
Sheila Roberts
St. Martin Press

It is said that a cat has 9 lives, and Ambrose the orange cat has already used up 8 of them!
Rescued from the possibility of a mongrel dog taking his 9th life, Ambrose promises that he will be a good cat and help others.. starting with the man that saved his 9th life.
Zach takes in Ambrose until ‘he finds a good home for him’.  While collecting supplies for his temporary guest, Zach meets Merilee at Pet Palace. Elflike in appearance, red headed Merilee loves animals but struggles to talk to men. Despite her unique qualities, Zach keeps thinking about her.
Zach’s girlfriend Blair schemes to get rid of Ambrose, a hater of cats and anything else that takes attention away from herself. Ambrose has the same feelings about Blair, wanting to get rid of her, and why can’t Zach like a nice girl like Merilee?
The author cleverly told the story from both Ambrose the cat, and Zach’s perspective. It was a fun story of how Ambrose sought to keep his 9th life full and relaxing, and in the meantime played matchmaker for Zach.
There was some swearing the book, but not an overwhelming amount. The cat antics were perfect for a cat lover and they will laugh out loud.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Pump up your Book.

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