Friday, November 4, 2011

The Baker's Wife- Erin Healy

The Baker’s Wife
Erin Healy
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Cast out of his position as pastor of the local church by the lies of Elder Jack, Geoff and wife Audrey start up a bakery in town. Audrey has a God given gift of sensing pain and struggles that others deal with and often used her baking as a ministry to reach them. What better way to continue in the ‘ministry’ than to open a bakery.
One very early morning on her way to work Audrey hits a motorbike that eluded her because of the incredibly dense fog. There is blood everywhere, and no body is found. The motorbike belongs to Julie, wife to Elder Jack, who just so happens to also be a police officer. Jack assumes Audrey is guilty as an act of revenge on his being responsible for Geoff leaving his pastor position.
Jack is a very troubled, self-righteous Christian who takes it upon himself to make right the wrongs of the world, while at the same time unable to see the ‘beam’ in his own eye.

Suspenseful page turner!
I loved how Erin showed Geoff and Audrey in their true Christian spirit of love and forgiveness, seeking only to serve God and others. Compare that to self-righteous Jack whose fire and brimstone approach alienates his own wife and daughter so that they view all Christians as hypocrites.

Thought provoking as a Christian to compare if my own life is more akin to Geoff’s or Jacks.
I was a little bit leery of Audrey’s’ ability to have a spiritual connectedness to others in that she physically would get symptoms of other people God wanted her to help. Borders on psychic abilities which is very new age and not biblical.  Not saying that God isn’t able to work through someone in that regard if He so chooses. Discernment and a word from the Lord from those in tune with the Holy Spirit is not out of the realm of possibility in the ways God can work.

The family harmony between Geoff, Audrey and son Ed was very realistic and encouraging.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on my book. I appreciate the way you engaged the story on a personal level. Also, you're not the first reader to say that Audrey's gift seems psychic. I assure you that it's not, though I can see how I created that impression. I wholeheartedly agree that psychic gifts aren't biblical or of God. For a more detailed explanation, please direct your readers to my blog on the subject here: Thanks again, Melanie!