Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back Country Cooking- Sierra Adare

Back Country Cooking
Sierra Adare
Skyhorse Publishing

This cookbook provides a ‘system for preparing quick, homemade meals in the field”. Helpful for backpackers, goat or horse packers, canoeists and car campers. The recipes are great even on a backyard fire.
The intro includes an equipment list for your kitchen items as well as for each individual.
Ten days of menus and meal recipes for the backpacking enthusiast. The help is that you will measure and pack the dry ingredients for one recipe to have it ready without excess. A food dehydrator is used to dry meats, veggies and fruits for light and easy packing. Breakfast ranges from flapjacks and gruel to potato cakes. Lunches are often on the go to healthy variety of trail mix. Dinner is much grander than beans and weanies! Trout, Ham, Turkey, biscuits and much more. I never imagined you could eat so well out in the back woods.
Chapter 2 speaks to the horsepack trail rider, using menus and recipes that take into account the extra weight the horse can carry. Similarly in chapter 3 for goat packers.
Car camping allows for ice chests for storage and the use of fresher fruits and veggies. The recipes in this section are ones you could easily use at home when you hunger for a camping meal.
Canoeing offers a whole different challenge for packing meals. Utilizing the river to ‘float’ your supplies directly in it.
Most of the recipes contain ‘normal’ items you often use. A few odd ones such as caviar and anchovy paste can easily be exchanged for something more fitting if you desire.

A real adventure in eating, and so unique in providing good healthy meals for all ways of travel. I didn’t know there were so many possibilities. If you have a hiker/camper on your wish list this holiday season this would make a great gift.
I received a copy of this book from Skyhorse publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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