Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside- Susan May Warren

Winter 1949 sees Dottie Morgan as a 44 year old widow, Frost Minnesota librarian, and mother of a fallen soldier in World War II. The holidays are simply another reminder of all Ms. Morgan has lost.
The town of Frost longs to see the big star light up the town's Christmas tree once more, but Ms. Morgan is the owner and hasn't displayed it since Nelson perished in the war. This year assistant librarian, Violet is determined to get the star from Ms. Morgan and relight the tree. Violet was in the war also, and understands that Nelson would have wanted his mother to keep on celebrating.
Violet drives up to the large Victorian on the edge of town in blizzard like conditions. Her car careens into a large pine tree in the front yard, making it undriveable, of all the luck! Jake, friend of Violet's long distance crush had followed Violet out of town unknown to her, wanting to give her some information on her crush Alex.
Violet and Alex are trapped at the big house as neighbor Gordie walks in to replenish the wood pile and is no longer able to see his way home either. Gordie, always a friend to tight lipped, stubborn Dottie, longs to share the loss of Nelson together.
The safe house in the storm, symbolic of God's hurting children and needing the arms of God as a safe house. As the storm traps them for several days, barriers are broken and a new 'safe house' family is formed.
Beautiful Christmas story of brokenness, becoming made new through forgiveness and the Christmas miracle.
Fantastic read, recommended for all this holiday season.


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