Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What are you Thinking? Valerie Acklye

What are You Thinking?
Valerie Acklye
Illustrated by Lori Nawyn
The power of positive thinking.
Brightly illustrated and relevant for young children today.
Focused thoughts help you achieve your goals. Your mind has the power to accomplish what you set your thoughts on.
Negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts can influence your feelings. Negative thoughts lead to grumpies and problems. Positive thoughts bring you happiness. You have the ability to change your thoughts so that you can choose to see the good in situations.
Bright, bold illustrations with expressive characters!

Valerie Acklye writes “When your thoughts are focused they also have power. They pull toward you all you need to achieve anything you set your mind to”. I was a little concerned with the use of ‘power’ and that you can achieve ‘anything’ you put your mind too, simply because your mind is focused. I don’t find that always to be true in my adult life, and children can’t always control the situations around them. Yes they can control their thought process, but they are limited at times in what they can be successful in based on the circumstances around them. Things like ‘super mind’ and ‘power of your thoughts’ to accomplish what you want, feels a bit New Age lingo to me. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but not with disregard to God having a hand in how things turn out.

Today’s kids definitely need a message of positive thinking and gratitude. They do indeed have the power to control their thoughts, choosing to see the good things and having the positive affect their attitudes. I like how the author encourages the reader to achieve greatness with the power of their mind. Situations and outside forces can seem to bring you down, but you can control how you look at it. Encouraging Grandma Rosie and her glasses, seeing things the good in things. I liked her!

I received a copy of this book from Media Guests in exchange for an honest review.