Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Space- Emily Sue Harvey

Emily Sue Harvey
Published by The Story Plant

Dan and Deede were made for each other. Love at first site, longevity of marriage, and depth of understanding of each other’s character.  Perfection? They have been unable to conceive a child. Years of heartache trying to conceive a child to be told finally that it was impossible. Miracle baby Faith is born within a year later.

Jump ahead, Faith is 19, married and given birth to her own daughter. Faith gets caught up in the world of prescription drugs and addictions. Spirals out of control, gets divorced, loses her daughter, moves in with Mom and Dad, and continues to spiral deeper into despair.

Space is about the unconditional love between parents and children. Manipulation, drug abuse, control issues all lead the parents to enable the child because of their love. The need for space in their own retirement years causes a rift between Dan and Deede. What can they do to be there unconditionally for their miracle Faith, but also restore their own marriage?

A look into the inner emotions and conflicts that attack a once healthy family , now disabled with the evil of drug abuse. Emily Sue Harvey goes to the core of family relationships and the struggle to find the balance between doing what is needed and what is desired. A great look at how drugs can impact not only the nuclear family, but extends into extending family and relationships. She describes well the feelings and emotions had by all of her characters in a situation that could become relevant to every American family today.

Just a side note, the cover.. I seriously do not like it. It looks like an ailen life form and with the name space I wouldn't pick it up off the shelf because it looks like a sci-fi novel. Covers are the first thing the reader sees, and need to draw the reader into the story, it is the initial first impression. I would change this cover to reflect more of the emotion of the story. The flower has nothing to do with it and I could not find the significance. So for what it is worth :)

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  1. for some reason the cover does not bother me. however, you are correct, would i have picked it up in a bookstore just based off the cover, i'm not sure I would have. the flower is pretty so I might have turned it off to read and that would of depended on my mood. I will be reviewing this novel soon also.