Friday, October 14, 2011

Reclaiming Lily- Patti Lacy Review

Reclaiming Lily
Patti Lacy

Eastern China 1990, Pastor Andrew and Gloria Powell arrive to adopt their precious Chinese daughter, thinking she would be an infant. Joy 10 years old had been left on the doorstep of the orphanage during a cultural revolution in China, fearing for their lives, and unwilling to terminate the pregnancy, Joy was given up for her safety. Gloria knows immediately that this is her 'Joy' to bring home after many years of infertility.

Texas, 7 years later Joy is a disjointed, raging teenager without a relationship with Jesus, or her parents. At the end of their area of expertise, Joy’s parents are suffering with the loss of the love of the daughter they have cherished and sacrificed for.  

Kai was the 2nd born daughter of the Chang family, and vowed to her mother on her death bed, that she would reclaim Joy/Lily for their family. Kai learns that her mother dies of a kidney disease called PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) and vows that she will be a doctor with a healing hand to help others with the disease if 'the fates' allow it. In learning more about PKD, Kai feels it is her duty to let Joy/Lily know that it is a genetic disease that can manifest itself in many ways. 
Juvenile detention, Texas tornado, fainting spells, pregnancy, cutting and religion are all issues spun into this novel. No wonder I couldn’t put it down! From chapter to chapter I felt like I was watching a movie (without the popcorn.. didn't want to get my book dirty!) So visually satisfying that I felt I was there.

Patti Lacy went to great lengths to bring the Chinese culture into the book through its surroundings and language. The book jockeys between China of the past and modern day in Texas and Boston. I felt that the descriptions of the scenes in China were so realistic I could smell the green tea!

This was a fantastic book that looked at international adoption and sacrifice. In those sacrifices made by the characters in the book, it is realized the great sacrifice that Christ paid for us. Relevant as many Americans are still adopting internationally, and realizing the culture difference and judgment of those around can wreak havoc on a young child’s life. The characters we deep and the relationships meaningful and long lasting. Very detailed and a must read!!

As always it was a pleasure to review for Litfuse and tour with them. In exchange for a book I gave my honest opinion.


  1. Nice review. I'm also reading this book for the tour. my review is not due til next week sometime.
    have a nice weekend.

  2. Melanie, WOW! Your review blew me away! We are on the "same page" about international adoption and the need for believers to EXPAND their POVs!!!!

    Thank you for investing your time and effort in my fourth literary baby! Would love to connect at FB. I offer daily Artbites, hymn snippets, and tidbits about a writer's life in Normal, Illinois!!!

  3. Sidne, can't wait to "meet" next week!!!!!