Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Most Unsuitable Match- Stephanie Grace Whitson

A Most Unsuitable Match
Stephanie Grace Whitson
Published by Bethany House
Source: Review Copy

Miss Fannie Rousseau, wealthy and privileged, has just buried her mother, just three years after her father. All that remains is faithful Nanny and friend Hannah and the letters that Fannie uncovers in her mother’s bureau indicating that her mother had a twin sister named Edith. Fannie had never heard of Aunt Edith, and only from the letters gets a sense of what she may have been like.

Mr. Vandekamp had always taken care of Fannie’s father’s assets and Fannie learns that much of the business was lost; including the planned inheritance. Mr. Vandekamp urges Fannie to quickly marry an unsuspecting suitor before wind of her financial loss surfaces.
Fannie having no interest in marrying other than for love, decides to travel via a river steamboat in search of her Aunt Edith who last wrote from Montana a year prior.

Fannie meets and befriends Samuel and Lamar on the barge and they become vital to her survival after her dear Hannah dies in a boating accident.

Set along the river and enroute to Montana in the late 1800’s, Fannie must learn much to make it through the rugged and rough country. Samuel looking for his sister Emma, joins Fannie in her search for Aunt Edith.

God provides people along the way to guide Fannie and she quickly learns that people are not what they may appear on the outside.

Late in the writing of the book Stephanie Grace Whitson says “ I learned late in this book that ‘the most unsuitable match’ I was really writing about was the fact that we often don’t see ourselves as suitable to do or be what God seems to want us to do and be. I ‘ve been reminded that as we offer ourselves up to him, he can make us suitable ‘for every good work’ 2 Timothy 3:17”

Always one of my favorite historical fiction authors, Stephanie brings alive the late 1800’s, rich in detail and overflowing with Grace. Her characters are vibrant and not always what they appear on the outside. Depth of character and interwoven relationships makes this another fantastic novel by Stephanie Grace Whitson.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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