Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Death for Beauty or An Immortal- Alberto Rios Arias

A Death For Beauty, or An Immortal
Alberto Rios Arias

Set during the Civil War, a troubled young woman struggles with her conscience after the suspicious death of her unfaithful husband. When her dreams of a new life seem hopeful, she ventures across the western plains with her sickly daughter in tow and an unscrupulous businessman who promises her a pot of gold. But the seeds of this dangerous venture—sown in blood—yield the unexpected and what she encounters along the fringes of the Oregon Trail in the dark corners of the prairies, will change her life forever.
The book was slow starting for me, I had to back up and reread to see if I missed something. I struggled with the beginning of the journey taking so long, overnight plus hours just to get to the edge of town? Seemed like something timing wise wasn’t spot on there. Grammatical errors abounded with the use of She and Me referring to the same person within sentences.
The second half of the book was much more interesting and intense. Though graphic at times it showed more of the life of the Indians that had captured Virginia and her daughter. The relationships between Virginia and some of the natives and her reflections on Triste her daughter, and the life she left behind.  I so enjoy historical novels, but this one just seemed to be lacking.
I received a copy of this book from Pump up Your books in an exchange for an honest review.

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