Monday, October 17, 2011

A Christmas Secret- Candace Hall

A Christmas Secret
Candace Hall

It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole and the Reindeer are getting excited about the job ahead of them. Elves danced around as they got the sleigh ready to dash off into the night. As the sleigh landed on a snow covered roof, Rudolph hears a sound that ends up being a little lost kitten. Not knowing where the kitten’s home is, Rudolph puts him in a hay sack to keep warm. Broome the head elf realizes that the kitten will not survive if they don’t bring it on the sleigh with them. Seeing a post box with the name O’Malley, Broome thinks that is a good name for the kitten.

But can they take it to the North Pole with them? “Only those born in the North Pole can live here: it’s the Christmas magic”. What are they going to do with this little homeless kitten begging for help?

A sweet Christmas story about the magic of Christmas, extending much beyond what the residents of the North Pole are used to. A little cat O’Malley brings his own charm to a jubilant time of year. Simple pen drawings and a small book for young ones to hold on to. Great size for stocking stuffing and giving to young children.

I typically don’t read stories about Santa as we try to keep the meaning of Christmas to be about Jesus. I do like how the magic of Christmas in this story was love, and that is what Christmas is about!
                                                             About the Author
                                                                Candace Hall

Who would have thought a California girl would grow up to love the magic of a snowy Christmas and the mysteries of the North Pole. The scent of pine needles fills the air as the sleepy eyes of six small children begin to open. Then it begins “The Great Race.” Who will get to the presents first? The sounds of wrapping paper tearing, children laughing, and toys strewn everywhere. This was Christmas Day for Candace Hall’s family in Los Angeles, California. There were no snowflakes and Santa led a parade down Hollywood Blvd. As time passed and growing up continued, sunny California was left behind, Texas became home and there was snow at Christmas.
There were no empty hours in a day to begin writing, even though Candace’s pen had touched a page or two, no real stories began to unfold until her health forced me to retire. It was then that real life experiences and her love of Christmas and a special black kitten turned into “A Christmas Secret.”
Writing has now become Candace’s passion and with the help of the good Lord there will be more stories and adventures to be shared.
Candace’s latest book is a delightful holiday children’s book called A Christmas Secret.
You can visit her website at  You can also connect with Candace on Twitter at

I received a copy of this book from Pump Up Your books and the author in exchange for an honest review.

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