Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mirror Ball- Matt Redman

Mirror Ball
Matt Redman

I learn best from analogies, especially information that needs to stick in my mind. That is exactly the technique that Matt Redman uses in his book Mirror Ball. He shows how we are a small, insignificant mirror ball, in of itself not all that flashy. With the light of God shining on us we can penetrate into many venues with our brightness. Apart from God we are nothing, with His light we are bright and shining.
Matt writes “When God Shines upon His church, we become a dazzling testimony to His awesome radiance”. We may think we are too small, but with God it is just a matter of the His light. Don’t underestimate God’s power to use us if we are willing to reflect His light.
Matt brings his love of worship and his giftedness of being a songwriter into his writing as well, often times referring to the Psalms and songs of praise to better explain his theme. I love how there is a list of songs in the index and many quotes from his works in the study guide at the end of the book.
Similar message that Christians have heard, but given from a perspective of a worship leader, songwriter, and disco ball reflecting the glorious light of God.

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