Friday, September 23, 2011

A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman

A Heart Revealed
Julie Lessman

10 years ago Emma Malloy leaves Ireland to escape her abusive, drunk excuse for a husband, taking her married status with her to America. From the time she was a young child her sense of value and worth has been denied. Emma feels her marriage is her just reward and though 10 years later and on another continent she continues to bind herself to a punishment of forever being alone.

The O’Connor family, Emma’s best friend Charity’s family, ‘adopts’ Emma as their own. Scarred by her husband Rory it takes years for Emma to fit into a life of normalcy in America.

The book has several stories intertwined with the different O’Connor children, Emma’s coworkers, friends and even the O’Connor parents. It was almost like watching a BBC series on TV of an Irish family and their lives and all the different stories that came with having several children grown with families of their own. Well thought out characters that blend together well with each of the themes.
It was a little slow for me in the beginning but I am glad I hung in there as it got more thorough as the plot thickened.

I loved Emma’s faith in God and her care for others. Loved the characteristics of forgiveness and faithfulness throughout the novel. God can certainly redeem the time as depicted in this novel by Juile Lessman
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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